Sunset Homes Referral Program


Have you built with us or are you currently building with us?

Then this referral program is for you!


To reward you as a past or current client (the Referrer) for recommending us we have improved our Referral Reward Program as our way of thanking you for recommending us to your friends, family or associates (the Referred); we will gift you $5,000 (the Referral Fee) in the form of a prepaid credit card if your referral results in an unconditional sale.


Terms and Conditions

  1. To qualify for the reward, the Referrer must have built or is in the process of building with Sunset Homes Ltd (Sunset) and the Referred must have not met with Sunset prior to the Referrer submitting a complete online form.
  2. Only one Referral Fee will be paid per the purchase agreement. The Referral Fee goes to the first person who fully completes the online referral form if an individual is referred by more than 1 person. In the event of a conflict, the Referred party will advise who referred them and only one Referral Fee will be paid.
  3. The Referral Fee is paid to the Referrer once the Referred has released conditions (unconditional sale) and Sunset have received their first construction draw payment (usually after foundations are poured).
  4. Sunset will contact the Referred client to discuss setting up a meeting in the next few days after the referral form is received, so please give the Referred heads up so they are not surprised.
  5. This updated Referral Reward Program is effective on January 2, 2020. Sunset reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Referral Reward Program at any time without notice.

Additionally, in the event that any of our leads (non Referred by you) requests to see the interior of your home and you agree to it, as a thank you, we will gift you $150 on a prepaid card right after the showing is deem to be completed.